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make up couponsIn a slow economy, shoppers look for any way they can to save some money on their everyday purchases. The number of people focused on savings is increasing, as many are struggling to pay their bills. While this is going on, stores are taking every measure possible to entice shoppers back into the buying mode. Cosmetic retailers are advertising promotions with discounts, giveaways, and sales to get people in the door. These promotions often include make up coupons to offer even more savings to consumers.

With the advent of the internet, cosmetic manufacturers are including printable make up coupons in their advertising campaigns. These coupons are usually good for additional savings on top of any sale prices. The amount of savings can vary, and can either be a percentage off the total bill, or a specific monetary amount off of a product. Many times a purchase of two or more items is required in order to obtain the savings, which entices the customer to purchase even more of the advertised product. These different types of campaigns will vary by manufacturer or retailer.


Using Make Up Coupons

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Before redeeming make up coupons, be sure to read the terms and conditions that are usually found in the fine print. This will alert you to the limitations and rules of use for the coupon. There are times when certain items will be excluded, or at some department stores, the discount won’t be applied to specific brands. Be clear on the terms of the coupon before you go to use it, otherwise you may end up with disappointment when you don’t get the savings you anticipated.

The most overlooked detail in the fine print is the expiration date. Most make up coupons are only valid for a certain period of time, and stores will not redeem a coupon that has expired. Be sure to plan accordingly so you can take advantage of the promotion offered, so you don’t miss out on some great savings.

If you’ve never looked for make up coupons before, you may be surprised at the number of money saving deals that retailers offer. Makeup is a product that has a high profit margin, because of it’s low manufacturing cost. This allows manufacturers and retailers to offer significant savings off of their products to get consumers to try them. Their hope is that their products will be well liked and will continue to be purchased whether or not a buyer has a current coupon.


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